Sunday, April 19, 2009


Restaurant Peter Kari Kepala Ikan is my husband favourite eating place for lunch. It is located in Jalan Angsana, Setapak. If you are coming from Perkeliling roundabout, go to Jalan Pahang (the same road that will take you to the Zoo and TAR College), pass all the : Tawakal Hospital, McDonald and two Chinese primary schools, mosque, police station, Court Mammoth and a Church (all on your left) slow down and take first left turn, Peter's is on your left.

The menu is on the wall:

Our food, Seafood Taufu, fried from a frozen pack taufu from supermarket I think but it is good anyway, after all their speciality is Curry Fish Head.
Another Taufu dish (picture was was taken on last occasion). Thickly slice Japanese Taufu with fried dried shrimp and onion topping. The taufu is the cold one.

The curry fish head meat was fresh and I think fresh coconut milk was used instead the pack one. Generous amount of vegetables like ladies' fingers, brinjals. long beans, cabbage and taufu pok were added. The curry was a bit sourish and sweet and the santan was not too much but it was not spicy at all. I would say this is a typical Chinese style curry because you can taste that not much spices(rempah) were used. Anyway it is still goes well with rice! You can add additional squid and prawn to the curry at extra cost.

The place is quite packed during lunch hour and you can see many office workers will drive here to eat. Parking is ok and the price is reasonable.

P/S : All views and opinions expressed here are based on my own personal opinion. Nobody pay or threaten me to say good or bad things about the food I eat!!

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