Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Winter Solstice - 冬至

My granny used to say that the Winter Solstice is a bigger celebration than Chinese New Year ( 冬至大过新年). She would knead and prepare the dough (glutinous rice dough) with different color and we would help her to shape the tiny dough into round shape. There are two types of Tang Yuen, sweet and savoury. The sweet one is with the sugar syrup and the savoury one is cooked with meat, pig's liver, fish ball and garnished with lots of chopped green onion and Chinese celery.

But nowadays, Tang Yuen is eaten in many different ways. Some with fillings inside such as red bean, black sesame, peanut. Some cooked with Gula Melaka instead of white sugar syrup. My son's nanny adds sliced jack fruit into the Gula Melaka syrup Tang Yuen, like some kind of Thai dessert to me. Some eat dry like 'Mua Chi', just mix with ground peanut, sesame seed and sugar. As for myself, this year I made the simplest Tang Yuen, just eat plain with sugar syrup.

My 'not so round' Tang Yuen. The red one is coloring, not the beetroot juice but the green one is from pure Pandan Juice. The round Tang Yuen must be placed on a piece of Mahjung paper to absorb extra water from the dough so that it tastes 'Q' when it is cooked.

Boil brown sugar syrup with some Pandan Leaves to make it more fragrant. The Tang Yuen and the syrup should be made one night earlier. The syrup should be cold when cooked Tang Yuen is poured into it. Taste better this way.

Next morning, on the Big Day, Granny would wake up early to cook the Tang Yuen before serving some on the praying altar and later to all her grandchildren. I woke up early this morning to cook the Tang Yuen before going to work.

The Tang Yuen floated above means it is cooked. Some would( 飞水)wash quickly in cold running water the Tang Yuen to make it "Q" but mine is simple, just add the cooked Tang Yuen in the cold syrup I made a night earlier. It tastes "Q" too!

I pack some to work and left half a pot at home for Kevin, my youngest son. Sean, the big one is away holidaying in Spore, he must be missing my home made Tang Yuen too. Both of them love Tang Yuen so much that they want me to make them on normal days too!

Winter Solstice is being celebrated in different parts of the world by different people of different race and religion. I have got to know this from here :


P/S : All views and opinions expressed here are based on my own personal opinion. Nobody pay or threaten me to say good or bad things about the food I eat!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Indonesia Layer Cake

My Aunt Susie of Penang used to make this delicious Indonesia Layer Cake for us many years ago. Actually there was one very famous bakery called Sunshine in Penang selling this layer cake. I remember in those days the cake was not cheap and Aunt Susie decided to learn to make this cake on her own. The Sunshine Bakery/Cake House that specialised in Layer Cake even had a branch in Setapak, KL but closed down already.

Last month like a pregnant woman, I kind of crave for specific kind of food before my menses, I bumped into this www.myvanillapod.com when i was drooling for some good Indonesia Layer.

They claim only Australian Butter is used in their cakes, not plastic margarine.

It costs me RM58 for this 1kg of cake.

I like Layer Cake because of the texture. It must be tedious work to bake this cake.

The cake should be cut in small and thin piece instead of a big chunk as it is a very rich and slightly oily cake. It goes well with Tea or Coffee Kosong or Kurang Manis. This Layer Cake was delicious but I prefer more cinnamon powder to be added as I like it be more aromatic. I love anything cinnamon......Cinnamon Roll, dash of cinnamon in my Cappuccino etc.

Check out their website, they have other cakes, pastry, pie and puff. I don't know if they deliver your order because I collected the cake myself. The packing is not impressive. They are operating from home in Danau Kota, Setapak, KL.

P/S : All views and opinions expressed here are based on my own personal opinion. Nobody pay or threaten me to say good or bad things about the food I eat!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Restoran Krua Thai - KL

My hubby suggested we go to this Thai restaurant recommended by his friend T, I was more than happy to agree as it had been a long time I have Thai food. This restaurant is located in Metro Prima Kepong. Actually there are two Thai restaurants within the same row of shophouses, this one being not so well decorated and more like a coffeeshop. But according to our friend T , this is better.

The front entrance of the restaurant :

The name card and the location map:

They serves steamed rice individually:

There are few types of Tom Yam ; Red Hot Spicy, White Clear Soup and Tom Yam with coconut milk. We had White Clear Soup Tom Yam which tasted spicy and full of flavour.

Everyone's favourite : Fried Pandan Leaves Chicken.........the meat was well marinated, very yummy.

My sons ordered this Stir Fried La-la which taste average and normal.

This Kerabu Chicken Feet was very good.....fresh, crunchy and tangy.

Stir Fried Sayur Paku.........full of 'wok hei'.

Pan fried Fish Cake........fish paste mixed with herbs, very aromatic.

I find the menu here is quite limited. They do not have my favourite 'Miem Kam' (wrapped daun kaduk with various condiments) but overall the food is delicious, the price is reasonable and the service is fast. The restaurant is run by Thais. We definitely will come back again.

P/S : All views and opinions expressed here are based on my own personal opinion. Nobody pay or threaten me to say good or bad things about the food I eat!!