Sunday, June 22, 2008

Restaurant Tien Pin - Desa Aman Puri, Kepong

It was about 3pm, we decided to go for some food. After fetching a friend in Kepong we went to this newly opened Restaurant Tien Pin in Aman Puri, located next to King's confectionery, and opposite of Oldtown Cafe. This restaurant specialise in Fish Balls, Mee Pok and Tong Shui.

Open kitchen....

The decor is cosy, clean and simple.

My friend ordered Tau Fu Fa, served cold, very smooth and refreshing. The syrup was cooked with ginger instead of Pandan leaf.

Yam cake and Fish Balls............our favourite food. The fishballs if I am not wrong is made of Tau Fu Fish (in cantonnese) instead of Ikan Parang or Tenggiri. The texture is very springy but not overly springy like some artificially mass produce fishballs. Most importantly, the fishballs are fresh. The lady boss said they do not keep the fishballs overnite , either they throw away or give away to old folks home for charity.

Mee Pok and their famous Fish Noodles........very yummy!

Tasty Fishballs......RM0.50 per pcs!
We poured the sauce over the Yam cake (I think it is about RM2.00 per plate).

This is the name card and they have another shop in PJ. We will definitely come back again. The price is reasonable and the food is good.

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